Bowbell Poms in Australia

Daphne Bowyer and Belinda McGuiness


He may not be a Pomeranian but he was and still is my heart dog,

Buddy I loved you then and still love you now

My special little man

RIP  1993




Ch. Toybox Bowbell Heavenly

Am. Ch. Ben Rays Golden Josh n' Envy

Bowbell Mista Solitaire




Am.Ch.Absolute's Lucky Charm

Ch. Bowbell Loverboy

Ch.Bowbell Golden Carey

Ch.Wyndlor absolutes spellbinder

Ch. Bowbell Hampton HRH

Ch. Bowbell Envy Me

Ch. Bowbell Heartbreaker

Bowbell Island Trinket

Ch. Island's High Flyer ( IMP USA)

Bowbell Lil Abby    (click on the picture)

Ch. Bowbell Gold Nugget

Our special little man

always happy. 

RIP 14-7-2012 to 13-3-2021


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