Bowbell Poms in Australia

Belinda and Daphne with Ronnie

I owe my start in the dog show world to my older sister, as she was already showing "Collie Roughs". She invited me to come along and watch one day, and yes I became hooked.

My first purchase ended up being a pet "Chihuahua", who came to be the center of my life "Buddy", then I went on to purchase my first show "Chihuahua", and went on to have fun showing and breeding with my daughter. I decided that I liked the look of the Pomeranian, so I started out with the purchase from a well known local breeder, but found that I could not find the type that I was looking for.

In 1995 I purchased two males and one female from Golden Aires and Benray Kennels in the USA and one male and one female from Toybox Kennels in Scotland, and later on in 2000 I purchased a female from Absolute kennels of USA, and these dogs have become the breeding foundation of my dogs today.

In 1998 we purchased 3 acres in the city and built a new home and also built kennels for the dogs all with inside and outside runs as well as a complete nursery with all amenities required. My husband put a lot of time and energy into building all that was required inside the kennels and without his support this would all not be possible.

My husband and I retired in 2000, so I now have more time to dedicate to the breeding and showing of the Poms, who have become a very passionate part of my life.

Rainbow Bridge


Rising Stars






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