Game fishing and where it all started


with good mates Larry and Birko

on charter boat Kestelle

about the early 70's


My dad's first Marlin which he caught all by himself off Port Macquarie in his 15foot Nautiglas boat


First Marlin for Jan Scott (Birko's girlfriend) NSW record and Aust record on 8 kg line

On the Shark Cat fell over on a lure.. hospital to remove it.



Bringing Kestelle back to Sydney from Cairns and caught my first Marlin off Coffs Harbour



Teddy Rowe and Birko...Marlin caught off Broken Bay.


Lord Howe Island catching King fish.

Some of the fishing tackle



Mick Corbett's first Dolphin fish caught off Cairns

and Marlin caught off Port Stephens



Fishing off St.Crispins reef in Cairns



Fishing off Cook Town on "Teds Toy" 38 foot Mariner  

First large boat purchased after his Sharkcat about 1986

2005 Heaviest Marlin caught at Port Stephens





Fishing in the Bay of Islands.... New Zealand

Marlin caught of Broken Bay -Sydney


Kestelle coming back into Port Stephens



Fishing off Port Stephens Steve Perry caught Heaviest Marlin of the competition  2009 caught on

38 foot Mariner





Caribbean 40 foot "Teds Toy 2"  his second large boat purchased


Ted with Grandaughter Jaimie Lee







Ted's third boat purchased about 2016  a 47 foot Caribbean another "Teds toy 3"

this should be the last one !





Did away with the table and put in the game chair  .... aprox 2017