My self and Joan Bone for my second trip to India 1987

Staying on the beautiful Houseboats and all the sellers came out on their boats called "Shakiras"

selling their goods.. picture of the Leather man Gulam and his friends Shaffee and Dean  selling other goods as well.. many beautiful boats selling flowers.
Belinda and I  met these same people on our trip back in 1983, and back then we took, young Dean out for Tea at the local restaurant he was not very comfortable as he was not used to eating out in the dinning room.


Pahalgam is a hill station in the north indian state of Jammu and Kashmir


Local children.... locals at the butcher shop !!  and mountain scenery





Varanasi   is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh dating to the 11th century BC regarded as the spiritural capitol of India.






Jodhpur is a city in the desert of the north west Indian state of Rajasthan,many of the city's buildings are painted blue. Chaotic, crowded and humming with life Jodhpur's walled city is a modern India in miniature.

Joan and I stayed at the HotelRatanada Ashok and here we were introduced to the then Indian Cricket team who were doing a Benefit match for one of their team mates who had passed away. Not ever having watched a game of Cricket in my life, it amazed me how popular all the cricketers were.

We got to meet Cricketer Ravi Shastri how was very generous and gave us lots of presents to take home, a SAri, and a Salwar Kameez and the trophy that he was given for doing the benifit match.

Later when we met up with a lovely family we gave the SAri and Salwar Kameez to them. But I still have the bronze Trophy .

Joan with Ravi Shastri

The bronze trophy

Myself with Ravi Shastri




Chitwan National Park is a preserved area in the Terai Lowlands of South Central Nepal.

dense forest and grassy plains. Home to rare one horned Rhinos and Bengal tigers.

Dugout canoes transverse the Northern Rapti River, home to crocodiles.


Waiting at the waters edge to go by dugout canoe across to the other side and be transported by Elephant to the camp, where we met our guides.






This was once a Palace but now is the Lalitha hotel in which we stayed in.









Nepal is a multi-ethnic,-multi lingual, multi religious and multi cultural state