This is for my sister Dellas who I love very much and hope one day to catch up in person as this

terrible virus keeps us all at home and away from friends and family.  1st May 2020


Yes , I love making Web pages and my passion is adding my Pomeranians and flowers ( mainly pink of course ) and I could not do it all without my Corel Paintshop Pro which I have used now for over 20 years..... I am thankful that I learnt way back then as the old brain is not what it used to be and now it would be far too daunting to understand it all.

I know you also love pink so I hope to add some more to it as I get some inspiration


Oh and almost forgot my latest fad I am madly in love with watching Chinese drama on you tube (English subtitles of course ) .  I have now watched about 18 movies each with over 60 episodes .. now I have Kim watching them as well..


Do you remember the days when we went to the shows at St.Ives and me with all my pink  oh those days were special , but even better is my memories of going to the Gunnadah Shows with you and you bringing along those yummy roast beef and tomato sandwichs to eat along the way .. I think we went every year for about 4 - 5 times.






Happy much younger days

we all have a smile on our faces


Dellas I love you to the moon and back

Hope you have a great day

love your little sister